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high altitude health advice

Healthy people may travel rapidly to 11,480ft above sea level but can develop symptoms of acute mountain sickness after arrival (headache, nausea, breathing difficulty, mental confusion). Those with respiratory cardiac problems may experience symptoms on arrival at even lower levels.

high altitude notes

Please click here to read our high altitude notes written by The Altitude Centre.


Please note that one of the services that The Altitude Centre provides is a Mountaineering Consultation. The idea is that you are monitored as the levels of oxygen are artificially reduced to simulate how your body may react at altitudes of up to 5000m. There is of course the possibility that you will perform well during the Mountaineering Consultationand still feel the effects at altitude on the challenge, or that you will not fare so well in the test and will be fine at altitude. It does not take into account other environmental considerations, and so is not going to provide a definitive result, but if you wish to explore the option and take up a consultation, you will be eligible for a £50 off reduction as a Charity Challenge client. Normally priced at £129, you will pay £79! The 1 hour consultation with a Performance Specialist includes a number of non-invasive tests whilst breathing altitude air up to 5000m. A full report is provided.

You can also get  20% extra on any further products or services from The Altitude Centre.


The video below will give you an introduction into high altitude. If you book on to a high altitude challenge with us and your chosen charity has authorised you, you will find a number of other relevant videos relating to high altitude in your members’ area, including:

  • Prevention
  • Mountain Fitness
  • Acclimatisation
  • Nutrition
  • Sleeping
  • Other environmental considerations
  • Hydration
  • Acute Mountain Sickness
  • Drugs at altitude
  • Altitude consultation

The Altitude Centre

The Altitude Centre is the UK's number 1 altitude training company. Their experienced staff has a wealth of knowledge and are backed up by a network of experts to consult on specific areas of training and health. To discuss your personal altitude preparation please contact one of their Performance Specialistswho will be more than happy to explain the various options available to help you achieve your goal. Make sure you quote “Charity Challenge” to receive £50 off your Mountaineering Consultation, and 20 percent extra on any other products or services.
Telephone: 0207 193 1626
E-mail: enquiries@altitudecentre.com
Web: www.altitudecentre.com