Some of our challenges are exclusively in aid of one particular charity, but where you see the words “in aid of any charity”, you can raise funds for any cause that you feel passionate about, as long as they are a UK or Irish registered charity, and they authorise you to fundraise in their name. We will help get the authorisation for you to fundraise, so choose from one of the many charities on our database, or if you don’t find them listed, you can give us some contact details when you book and we’ll get in touch with them and get them listed on the site.



991 to 1020 of 1155

Category: Health & Medical, Older people

Registered Charity: 250027

Address: 1 GARDENHURST, BURNHAM-ON-SEA, Somerset, TA8 2QG, United Kingdom

Contact: Bernard Spilsbury

Telephone: 07856 213289

Email: bernie.alto@gmail.com

Web: www.friendsofburnhamhospital.org.uk/

Friends of Burnham-on-Sea War Memorial Hospital, located in the heart of Burnham-on-Sea, is a charitable foundation dedicated to helping those in need. With the dedication of our volunteers, staff members, and partners, we strive to improve the lives of everyone who needs help within the community. ​ The Friends have raised from events, donations and legacies, more than £2,000,000 since 1966. This has been spent on a variety of equipment, as well as the fabric of the hospital. Some of the major projects include the building of the conservatory, the purchase and refurbishment of the Peter Holmes Annexe and the provision of a state of the art Ophthalmic Suite. The Hospital is equipped with the most modern and up to date electronic beds and mattresses funded by the Friends. An extensive refurbishment took place 2009/10 using £310,000 of Friends money and £400,000 from the Trust. The project involved the Friends working closely with the PCT to improve patient privacy, dignity, security and infection control. In addition, the Friends have paid for many items, including patient dining room furniture and awnings above ward windows. Newspapers and maintenance of the gardens are paid for an a regular basis. No reasonable request to the Friends by Consultants or Nursing Staff has ever been turned down. The Hospital is always looking for volunteers to work with patients. If you are interested please pass your name to the hospital Matron. The Friends of the Hospital act for the benefit of the Community Hospital, please feel free to contact us and to become a member.

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Category: Health & Medical

Registered Charity: 1150054.

Address: Hartshead House, 61-65 Victoria Rd, Farnborough, GU14 7PA

Contact: Claire Wormley

Telephone: 01252 749 043

Email: Claire.Wormley@thebraintumourcharity.org

Web: www.thelewismoodyfoundation.org

The Lewis Moody Foundation raises money to fund vital research into brain tumours, reduce diagnosis times through the HeadSmart campaign and give families affected much needed respite and the chance to create special memories. The Lewis Moody Foundation is administered by The Brain Tumour Charity.

Exclusive challenges in aid of The Lewis Moody Foundation

Jungle TrekPaddle
Amazon Jungle Survivor

The Lewis Moody Extreme Amazon Survivor Challenge

This unique challenge will see you head out to an incredible and diverse ecosystem in Brazil to experience everything the Amazon Jungle has to offer. Led by former Special Forces Officer Wayne Hoyle and trekking alongside England Rugby Legends, Lewis Moody and Tom Croft, you will be led deep into the Amazon to immerse yourself in the Jungle for 5 nights.

10 days





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Category: Rescue

Registered Charity: 248421

Address: 04.F Main Building, London, London, SW1A 2HB

Contact: Tom Hill

Telephone: 020721 80201

Email: Secretary@thelifeboatfund.org.uk

Web: www.thelifeboatfund.org.uk

The Lifeboat Fund is an Official Civil Service Charity which funds the RNLI. To date, we have donated over £26Million (2019) money to fund 53 Lifeboats and other infrastructure projects.

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Registered Charity: 1149341


Contact: Ryan Jackson


Email: info@LilyMaeFoundation.org

Web: www.lilymaefoundation.org/

The Lily Mae Foundation was established in 2010 and initially raised funds in support of a national stillbirth charity. In October 2012, the foundation became a registered UK Charity. The loss of a baby is devastating for parents, families and friends. The Charity’s purposes, as set out in the objects contained in the Foundation’s Articles of Association are to: 1. Promote and protect the psychological, emotional and physical health and well-being of parents, their families and friends when a baby dies in the uterus, or at birth or soon after birth, by: a) Support and provide information to bereaved parents, their families and friends. b) Work collaboratively to improve and enhance professional practice with health and social care professionals for the benefit of bereaved parents and their families. 2. Promote and assist in research and the implementation of best practice to identify the causes and help reduce the incidence of the death of a baby in the uterus, at birth or soon after birth. 3. Make donations to other charitable organisations having similar objects as the charity that the Trustees shall, at their discretion, deem suitable. 4. Make donations to other charitable children’s organisations that the Trustees shall, at their discretion, deem suitable. Currently, the Foundation supports parents and families living in the West Midlands and Warwickshire who have lost a baby by providing: • Memory Boxes to collect precious memories • Counselling days • One to one bereavement support • Informal support meetings • An information and sign posting service • Baby remembrance services • A rainbow baby group to support mothers and women after babyloss • Midwife support and student midwife training • Counselling support for midwives • Funding support for research and preventative strategies

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Category: Health & Medical

Registered Charity: 803551

Address: Pinero House, 115A Harley Street, LONDON, W1G 6AR, United Kingdom

Contact: Jonathan Badger

Telephone: 07867457138

Email: j.badger@thelittlefoundation.org.uk

Web: www.thelittlefoundation.org.uk

The Little Foundation is the only UK charity dedicated to initiating and funding research to prevent neurodevelopmental disorders, particularly cerebral palsy.

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Category: Children, Disability

Registered Charity: 275183

Address: The Log Cabin, 259 Northfield Avenue, Ealing, London, W5 4UA, UK

Contact: Vivien Dymock

Telephone: 020 3137 8042

Email: BOUNCED{86271}-08/12/2017-vivien.dymock@logcabin.org.uk

Web: www.logcabin.org.uk

The Log Cabin makes a positive difference to the lives of children and young people aged 0-19 who have additional needs or disabilities or who are in need by providing exciting and stimulating play and socialising opportunities in a safe, caring, inclusive and fun environment.

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Category: Children, Disability

Registered Charity: 1124524

Address: 54 Muswell Hill, 54 Muswell Hill, London, N10 3ST

Contact: Anna Salamonowicz

Telephone: 0208 444 7242

Email: anna@cplondon.org.uk

Web: www.cplondon.org.uk

We are the only givernment approved centre and school in London for children with cerebral palsy. We support young children aged from birth to 11 years. Using a specialist system of learning called Conductive Education, we teach children to be as independent as possible now and in the future. 

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Category: Children, Sport

Registered Charity: 306054

Address: The Lord's Taverners, 10 Buckingham Place, London, SW1E 6HX

Contact: Holly Colvin

Telephone: 020 7821 2819

Email: BOUNCED{82822}-23/12/2017-holly.colvin@lordstaverners.org

Web: www.lordstaverners.org/

The Lord's Taverners is the UK's leading youth cricket and disability sports charity. We exist to enhance the prospects of disadvantaged and disabled young people using cricket and other forms of sport and recreation to engage with them.

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Category: Children

Registered Charity: 1123207

Address: Yaamag, Artastin St 8, Khan-Uul District, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Contact: Fraser McColl

Telephone: +44 (0)7795 814319

Email: info@lotuschild.org

Web: www.lotuschild.org

A charity for the relief of children in need in Mongolia by the provision of accommodation, care, support, education and training for them.

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Category: Children, Health & Medical

Registered Charity: 262191

Address: Audley House, The Lullaby Trust CAN Mezzanine, 7-14 Great Dover Street, London , SE1 4YR

Contact: Helen Graham

Telephone: 02078023200

Email: heleng@lullabytrust.org.uk

Web: www.lullabytrust.org.uk/

The Lullaby Trust provides specialist support for bereaved families, promotes expert advice on safer baby sleep and raises awareness of Suddent Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). 

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Category: Health & Medical, Arts & Cultures

Registered Charity: 1124014

Address: First Floor, 28 Denmark Street, London, WC2H 8NJ

Contact: Clare Davis

Telephone: 02072408206 ext 106

Email: c.davis@madtrust.org.uk

Web: www.madtrust.org.uk

The Make A Difference Trust provides practical HIV and AIDS education, prevention and support services to the entertainment industry as well as using the entertainment industry to educate others.

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Category: Hospices

Registered Charity: 802145

Address: The Martlets Hospice Fundraising Office, Unit 5 Sussex House Business Park, 270 Old Shoreham Road, Hove, BN3 7DX

Contact: Clem Hunnisett

Telephone: 01273 747 455

Email: BOUNCED{28333}-08/12/2017-clem@themartletshospice.co.uk

Web: www.themartlets.org.uk

The Martlets Hospice in Hove offers expert and compassionate care. Our aim is to enhance the quality of life and ease the distress of patients suffering from cancer and other serious conditions and for whom curative treatment is no longer appropriate.

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Category: Social wellbeing, Children

Registered Charity: 1122801

Address: 70-80, Oak Street, Norwich, Norfolk, NR3 3AQ, United Kingdom

Contact: Sarah King

Telephone: 07899033568

Email: sarah.king@matthewproject.org

Web: www.matthewproject.org/

The Matthew Project has been helping people live fuller lives, free from drug and alcohol misuse for more than 35 years. The charity has a Christian ethos, and is based in Norfolk. We provide support to young people, veterans, professionals, people in recovery, and the family and carers affected by substance misuse.

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Category: Health & Medical

Registered Charity: 801279

Address: 7 Apollo Office Court, Radclive Road, Gawcott, Bucks, MK18 4DF

Contact: Elaine Newman

Telephone: 01280818964

Email: elaine@meassociation.org.uk

Web: www.meassociation.org.uk

The ME Association supports people with ME (Myalgic Encephalopathy), otherwise known as Chronic Fatgue Syndrome, through information, a telephone helpline and research. Membership costs £15 a year to people living in the UK, £20 in other parts of Europe and £25 rest of the world.

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Category: Health & Medical

Registered Charity: 801130

Address: The Mental Health Foundation, Colechurch House, 1 London Bridge Walk, London, SE1 2SX

Contact: Stella Boulougari

Telephone: + 44 (0) 20 7803 1123

Email: events@mhf.org.uk

Web: www.mentalhealth.org.uk

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Category: Military, Arts & Cultures

Registered Charity: 1148302

Address: Queen Elizabeth House, 4 St Dunstan's Hill, London, EC3R 8AD, UK

Contact: Melanie Nightingale

Telephone: 02074639407

Email: mnightingale@militarywiveschoirs.org

Web: www.militarywiveschoirs.org

With 75 choirs in British military bases across the UK and overseas, the Military Wives Choir network brings women in the military community closer together through singing. With the unpredictable nature of military life, families can live with high levels of pressure and feelings of isolation can be common. Military Wives Choirs make a positive difference to women’s lives by combating isolation, improving well-being, building friendships and developing skills. The network allows women in the military community to sing, share and support one another and be stronger together.

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Category: Sport, Children

Registered Charity: 1177831

Address: 5 Adelaide House, Corby Gate Business Park, CORBY, Northamptonshire, NN17 5JG, UK

Contact: Alex Paske

Telephone: 07795412970

Email: alex@mintridge.org.uk

Web: www.mintridgefoundation.org.uk

The Mintridge Foundation is a registered charity dedicated to enhancing life skills in young people through sport. We provide a support network for young people by harnessing the power of positive sporting role models. The Mintridge Foundation assists young people of all ages, abilities and physical capabilities to develop confidence and resilience, and creates awareness of the importance of mental and physical wellbeing through sport. Our team of Ambassadors - Olympians, Paralympians and other professional sports stars from over 20 sports, both team and individual - work with young people in schools, clubs and academies across the UK. Starting with visits including assemblies, coaching clinics and classroom sessions tailored to each organisation’s requirements, our ambassadors can then provide one- on- one remote mentoring in a safeguarded environment, delivered via technology such as Skype and Playwaze to build a lasting legacy for individuals. The Mintridge Foundation’s successes demonstrate the incredible power of sport; from a mentee’s selection to represent Great Britain in their chosen field to enabling disabled children to find confidence and happiness just through participation. Understanding life after sport, we also support our Ambassadors in their transition from active sport to the next stage of their careers.

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Category: Health & Medical

Registered Charity: 1076829

Address: Miscarriage Association, The, 17 Wentworth Terrace, Wakefield, West Yorkshire, WF1 3QW

Contact: Karn Dyson

Telephone: 01924 200 799

Email: karn@miscarriageassociation.org.uk

Web: www.miscarriageassociation.org.uk

Miscarriage can be a very unhappy, frightening and lonely experience. The Miscarriage Association offers support and information to anyone affected by the loss of a baby in pregnancy, with a staffed helpline, a UK-wide support network and a range of leaflets.

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Category: Human rights

Registered Charity: 1096716

Address: 6 London Road, Buntingford, Hertfordshire, SG9 9JN

Contact: Michael McGrath

Telephone: +44 (0)1763 274658

Email: michael@musclehelp.com

Web: www.musclehelp.com

MUSCLES bind us together, they give us the power to function, to walk, cycle, climb and perhaps paddle! By using your MUSCLES in achieving your personal challenge, you'll be helping us change lives for children and young people who’s MUSCLES are wasting away because of the unforgiving muscle wasting disease Muscular Dystrophy.

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Category: Hospices, Hospices

Registered Charity: 516287


Contact: Rebecca Richards


Email: rebecca.richards@mytonhospice.org

Web: www.mytonhospice.org

The Myton Hospices Key Facts . We care for over 2,000 patients and their families each year . All of our services are free of charge . 83p in every £1.00 raised goes to pay for patient care or support services for famlies . It costs £360 per bed per day . It costs £63 each time a patient attends the day hospice . It costs £6.1 million to run all three hospices in Warwick, Rugby and Coventry

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Category: Health & Medical

Registered Charity: 1181098

Address: The Natasha Allergy Research Foundation, Unit 5 The Wireless Factory, Fleming way,, Isleworth, TW7 6DB, UK

Contact: Tanya Ednan-Laperouse

Telephone: 07540142258

Email: info@narf.org.uk

Web: www.narf.org.uk

We have set up Natasha’s Foundation with a clear vision; to help and cure people with allergies. Natasha’s Foundation will fund and support pioneering allergy research bringing the greatest scientific minds together working for cures & better medicine. With your support and our dedication, we can succeed.

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Category: Children

Registered Charity: chy00233


Contact: Lillian McGovern


Email: lillian.mcgovern@amnch.ie

Web: www.thenationalchildrenshospital.ie

Over 65,000 young people attend The National Children’s Hospital, Tallaght, every year. Having looked after young people for so many years we know how important it is to focus on caring for the needs of both the sick child and their families. The hospital prides itself on providing excellent care in a number of areas including, Endocrinology, Surgery, Radiology, Cystic Fibrosis, Diabetes, Asthma and allergies. There is also a very busy paediatric A&E department that sees over 30,000 children a year. The hospitals Outpatient department facilitates multidisciplinary care supporting its core services. Extensive research into the area of childhood illness is carried out in the hospital and Trinity College’s Paediatric Department is also based here.

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Category: Social wellbeing

Registered Charity: 271625

Address: Catherine House, victoria Road, Aldershot, Hampshire, GU11 1SS, United Kingdom

Contact: Melanie Day

Telephone: 07741878535

Email: melanie.d@thencc.org.uk

Web: www.nccbenevolentfund.org.uk

The NCC Benevolent Fund has been helping people in the caravan and leisure vehicle industry for over 40 years. We provide essential support to those that work, past or present in the industry. We give one-off grants during times of financial crisis. We believe that no one should have to face money worries alone, be it for small things such as school uniforms to larger items such as mobility equipment, and our aim is to keep people from suffering poverty.

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Category: Health & Medical

Registered Charity: 1078790

Address: First Floor, 44 Coomble Lane, London, SW20 0la

Contact: Alison Gourlay

Telephone: 020 84391234

Email: fundraising@nfauk.org

Web: www.nfauk.org

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Category: Health & Medical, Health & Medical

Registered Charity: X15294

Address: Nottingham Breast Cancer Research Centre, Campaign & Alumni Relations Office, University of Nottingham, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG7 2RD

Contact: Dawn Broomfield

Telephone: 01157484809

Email: dawn.broomfield@nottingham.ac.uk

Web: www.nottingham.ac.uk/research/groups/nottinghambreastcancerresearchcentre/index.aspx

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Category: Health & Medical

Registered Charity: 1140475


Contact: Juliette Ekins


Email: secretary@theolivebranch.org.uk

Web: www.theolivebranch.org.uk

The Olive Branch is a non-profit Charity providing counselling for the whole community, regardless of race, income, religion, gender or type of problem. Presenting issues are predominately anxiety, depression, trauma and relationship issues which may include bereavement, separation and domestic violence. Through our counselling support the majority of clients are better able to manage their day to day lives. For some of our clients counselling can literally be life-saving.

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Category: Children

Registered Charity: 1184592

Address: Openwork Foundation, Washington House, Lydiard Fields, Swindon, Head of the Openwork Foundation, SN5 8UB, UK

Contact: Sam Tesch

Telephone: 01793 567518

Email: sam.tesch@openwork.uk.com

Web: www.openwork.uk.com/charity

The Openwork Foundation is a fundraising and grant-giving fund supporting socially, mentally or physically vulnerable children and adults in the UK and overseas. The Foundation is a registered charity number 1184592

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Category: Sport, Social wellbeing

Registered Charity: 1149280

Address: Bwthyn Carnedd, Plas y Brenin, Capel Curig, Conwy, LL24 0ET, Wales

Contact: Bethan Davies

Telephone: 01690720167

Email: bethan.davies@outdoorpartnership.co.uk

Web: partneriaeth-awyr-agored.co.uk/en/

The Outdoor Partnership, a registered charity, changes lives through outdoor activities.

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Category: Education, Children

Registered Charity: 1128090

Address: The Outward Bound Trust, 4th Floor, 207 Waterloo Road, London, SE1 8XD, GB

Contact: Alison Peet

Telephone: 020 3301 6493

Email: alison.peet@outwardbound.org.uk

Web: www.outwardbound.org.uk

The Outward Bound Trust is an educational charity and the UK's leading provider of bursary-assisted outdoor learning.   We aim to help young people realise their potential through learning in the wild. We create a supportive and challenging environment in which young people can learn about themselves and see clearly, perhaps for the first time, what they might truly be capable of achieving in life

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Category: Education, International aid

Registered Charity: 1028469

Address: The Pahar Trust Nepal, 11 Laurel Avenue, Onchan, Isle of Man, IM3 3JE

Contact: Howard Pahar


Email: howard@pahar-trust.org

Web: www.pahar-trust.org/

Established in 1993, The Pahar Trust Nepal has now constructed eighty schools in remote and economically poor areas of Nepal. Two highly experienced ex-British Gurkha army officers lead the Nepalese branch of he charity; ensuring construction is completed to an extremely high standard. In addition to schools, the charity has completed over fifty related projects, including water projects, hostels, school renovations and health posts, having a significant impact on the standard of living of many people.

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