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Meet the team: Alex Crouch

Alex Crouch joined Charity Challenge as our Adventure Travel Consultant and looks after all the important administrative processes within the company, including online registrations, insurance policies and group bookings. Alex plays a vital role in the delivery of Charity Challenge’s national and international expeditions, and is integral to the smooth running of the team. We grabbed five minutes with Alex, to find out about her background and what she enjoys most about her job…

Name: Alex Crouch

Location: London, UK

How long have you been working at Charity Challenge?
Two months – and it’s gone so fast!

Tell us a little bit about your background and what you did before joining Charity Challenge?
I grew up in London and started my career working in the ski industry, selling ski holidays all over the world and getting to explore plenty of destinations across the Alps. I was looking for a way to explore a larger variety of countries, and Charity Challenge seemed like the perfect place to do that. I’ve also had experience working in the charity sector at Save the Children, so Charity Challenge was the perfect place to combine my love of charity work and adventure travel.

What’s your favourite Charity Challenge expedition?
There are so many challenges that look incredible, and I’m hoping to sample one soon! I’d love to go to countries such as Burma or Kyrgyzstan which are less traveled and provide a real sense of adventure.

How many countries have you visited?
I’ve been lucky enough to explore at least 30 countries so far – and there’s so many more to discover!

Where’s next on your list of travel destinations?
I’d absolutely love to go to Oman – it’s right next door to Dubai, but still has so much mystery about it. Charity Challenge have recently launched their Oman Mountain Trek, which looks demanding but equally rewarding. The harsh climate and tough terrain would provide a real sense of achievement at the end!

What’s your favourite cuisine?
Italian if we’re close to home, or South East Asian (Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese… it’s all delicious!)

What three things can’t you live without?
A photo-taking device, my skis and food – not for survival reasons, I just love cooking and eating different food!

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself…
When I was younger, I was in a documentary about babies. They took me to the zoo…

Meet the team: Mark Borton

Mark Borton is Charity Challenge’s Marketing Manager, and responsible for managing and maintaining the website, delivering our social media strategy, all-things digital analytics related and planning our marketing campaigns. We sat down with him for five minutes to find out more about what inspires him…

Name: Mark Borton

Location: London, UK

How long have you been working at Charity Challenge?
Only six weeks so far – but so far so good!

Tell us a little bit about your background and what you did before joining Charity Challenge?
I’m originally from Melbourne, Australia, where I spent most of my life. Prior to arriving in the UK, I worked for the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Australia, managing their marketing and advertising. However, my partner and I had always dreamed of something different, so two years ago we quit our jobs and travelled around the world. We ended up in London a year ago and haven’t looked back since. London is a place I’ve always wanted to live.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
Being part of a small team means I’ve got greater responsibility than ever before. Previously, I was a small cog in a big team – now, I’m a big cog in a small team. It’s also great to see tangible results and know you had a large part to play in the success.

How many countries have you visited?
At least 40+. I’ve been very fortunate and travelled from an early age.

What’s your favourite Charity Challenge expedition, and why?
I’m interested in off-the-beaten-track destinations, and Madagascar fascinates me. Hopefully, fingers crossed, I’ll be able to explore the country one day.

What advice would you give someone who is looking to do a Charity Challenge?
Enjoy the experience! It’s not a holiday – but the reward for completing something you’ve worked hard to achieve is far better than any relaxing holiday on the beach can provide. You’ll make new friends, experience something incredible, and no doubt be an inspiration to those around you. And that’s pretty cool.

What’s your favourite continental cuisine?
I really can’t look past authentic Italian food. It’s so simple, yet brilliant. That being said, I do find Indian, Portuguese, Moroccan and Thai food completely delicious!

What 3 things can’t you live without?
I probably couldn’t live without my camera, which is always attached to my arm. I should probably mention my partner here, so I’ll add her in! And, finally, the ability to travel and explore. Life wouldn’t be complete without any of those three.

What would your autobiography be called?
I did it my way.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.
I was the Australian 50m freestyle champion when I was 14 years old…

Work For Us: Marketing Manager

Due to expansion of the team, an exciting opportunity has arisen for a creative and ambitious marketer to join one of the UK’s leading international and national adventure travel and event management companies for the charity sector as their Marketing Manager.

Based in London, the successful candidate will be responsible for the promotion and engagement of the company’s high profile international and national challenge events for the charity and corporate markets. Working across creative, data, digital and sales together with being responsible for our video strategy, you will be highly motivated and driven to work for a reputable brand that keeps on growing.

The role is an all-encompassing one; the primary responsibility of the Marketing Manager will be to own and lead the strategic digital marketing plan for our events and ensure growth by delivering results against KPIs. The Marketing Manager will be given the freedom to make the role as large, creative and exciting as they want, working both autonomously and as part of a very talented team.

For more information please see the Job Description.

To apply please send your CV and cover letter detailing why you would be suitable for the role to Applications close on 4th September 2017 and a competitive salary will be offered based on experience.

Packing hints and tips for overseas adventures

Packing for an overseas expedition, particularly if it’s your first one, can be a challenge in itself. Thankfully we’ve picked up lots of advice over the years, when it comes to packing effectively. Erika, our Charity Account Manager, shares some of her top tips to make packing your kit as easy as possible…

Every expedition has a suggested kit list, which outlines everything you need to bring for that particular challenge. Use this to ensure that you have everything you need to be able to complete your challenge, and tick items off when you’ve bought them and packed them.

Your clothing should be clean and dry, and footwear should be cleaned properly in advance too. Don’t place muddy trainers in your rucksack next to your clearn clothing (place them inside a carrier bag to protect your clothes from any dirty marks).

Whilst these are useful for any long-haul/overnight flights, they’re also handy to have if you happen to be staying in a noisy campsite or hostel. It’s important to try and get a good night’s rest and some decent zZzzs when taking on physically adventurous challenges.

Rolling clothing takes up less space then folding clothes, and also prevents creasing.

Fill every bit of unused space within your rucksack. Pack socks, tops and other small items inside trainers and shoes to utilise all the space.

Don’t pack your walking footwear in your luggage that is getting checked in to the plane’s hold. Whilst we rarely have any lost luggage disruptions, the last thing you will want to do is lose your well-worn-in, trusty walking boots if your main baggage goes missing.

Whether you’re going somewhere hot and humid, or icy and cold, a buff or bandana will provide you with a variety of uses. In warm climates, you can wear it as a sweat band on your wrist to wipe away perspiration, or to tie your hair up and keep it off your neck/back. In cooler regions, you can wear it around your neck/face to provide extra warmth or as an extra layer under your hat for added protection from the cold.

Sometimes washing/showering facilities aren’t always functional, so pack a toiletries bag that has a hook so you can hang it on a door or rail.

(1) Lay all your clothing out for the day.
(2) Place on top of each other in a neat line.
(3) Roll clothing in to a very tight roll
(4) Stuff rolled clothing inside sock
(5) Grab a pair of socks, which will contain your entire day’s worth of clothing


Hopefully these packing tips will give you some useful ideas on how to pack for your upcoming expedition. If you have any other queries related to your kit, or packing, please don’t hesitate to contact the Operations Team who will be able to offer you some advice.

Work for us: Operations Manager – Americas & Indian Continents

Be part of an award winning UK based travel company which specialises in organising overseas challenge events in support of charity organisations.

Jose llama

Charity Challenge is looking for an experienced, passionate, and commercially minded Operations Manager to join their highly driven, ambitious and dynamic operations team.  With your primary focus being on safety and risk management as well as improving and maintaining excellent standards of quality and customer experience, you will manage around 10 different itineraries with 40+ departures throughout the Americas and India.

Ideally you will have previous group/charity tour operation and adventure travel experience and knowledge of principles of safety and risk management. Knowledge of adventure travel in the Americas (North and Latin) and India would also be highly desirable yet not an essential pre-requisite.

For more information, please see the Job Description.

To apply please email your CV together with a covering letter outlining your relevant experience, skills and abilities which match the requirements of the role to Holmes Rogers at

Work for us: Adventure Travel Consultant

Passionate about adventure travel? Want to make a difference? Love providing exceptional customer service and support?

alt 1

This is your opportunity to shine as an Adventure Travel Consultant for Charity Challenge, a leading tour operator and event management company who specialise in tailored national and international challenges. We are looking for a passionate individual to join our dynamic Sales, Marketing and Partnerships Team and to help take this exciting part of the business forward whilst providing exceptional customer service. You will inspire, support and prepare participants and groups throughout their pre-travel experiences and become integral in preparing them for their adventure of a lifetime. To achieve this you will exceed in receiving excellent customer feedback, maintain a high degree of accuracy and never ceasing to go the extra mile our participants. If you have an appetite for travel, are driven by providing great service, have fantastic administrative skills, are results driven and genuinely enjoy supporting people, then we would love to hear from you.

For more information, check out the Adventure Travel Consultant Job Description.

To apply please email your CV together with a covering letter outlining your relevant experience, skills and abilities that make you the stand out candidate to Applications close on 15th June 2017. 

Meet the team: Phili Newell

Operations Manager, Phili Newell, joined Charity Challenge in 2016 and looks after all of our adventurous expeditions in Asia.

Phili profile

Name: Phili Newell

Location: London, UK

What’s your role at Charity Challenge?
I’m the Operations Manager for our expeditions in Asia, which includes looking after our events in Burma, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Mongolia and Vietnam. The expedition that keeps me the busiest is the Great Wall Discovery in China, as it’s our most popular and the visa application process can sometimes appear slightly overwhelming, but it’s always worth it.

What’s been your favourite Charity Challenge expedition to take on (so far)?
I took part in the Lombok Lava trek in June 2016, and that was a fantastic challenge. We trekked to some of Indonesia’s highest peaks, and were continually inspired by our amazing team of guides and porters who helped us complete the hike! (Read Phili’s blog about the expedition here).

Did you always want to work in the travel industry?
I’ve always been interested in the travel industry, but I am particularly interested in the NGO sector. Before I worked at Charity Challenge, I spent two and a half years working with an NGO in Borneo, implementing a series of sustainable community and natural resource projects. We took groups of young volunteers to the projects to give them insight into the development sector whilst providing them with transferable skills in leadership and team work. At Charity Challenge, there are many similarities; we offer people the opportunity to experience so many different things, including meeting new people, learning about different cultures and pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone. When your resilience is tested, you realise your strengths – and it is this that will get you through challenges that you may face in the future (whatever they may be).

What’s your favourite thing about being the Operations Manager for Asia?
Hearing back from participants who have completed one of our challenges – their sense of achievement is infectious and inspiring.

How many languages can you speak?
I would say 1.5… English, and some Japanese!

What advice would you give someone who is thinking about taking on a Charity Challenge?
Make sure that you train properly for your adventure. The more training you do before you go, the more you will enjoy the challenge. And pack light (follow the advice on our Kit Lists, and you can’t go wrong).

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
London – if I could also have a massive garden and a dog!

What three things can’t you live without?
A sense of humour, Marmite and sunlight.

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself…
I hitchhiked on sail boats on the Canadian west coast and eventually got to sail to San Francisco after joining a yacht race. I then painted a house so I could get enough money together to leave the USA to get my return flight back to the UK!

5 Reasons to Visit Kyrgyzstan

We’re excited to introduce Kyrgyzstan as our latest challenge destination! A lesser-traveled part of the world, we asked Operations Manager Phili Newell for her top five reasons to visit this fascinating and beautiful country.


1) Its rich history

Life in Kyrgyzstan is still very much nomadic despite various countries dominating it throughout its history, making it a melting pot of culture in Central Asia. Kyrgyzstan gained independence recently in 1991 with the breakup of the former USSR having previously ruled by Mongols; Chinese Manchus; and then Russia since 1876. Evidence of Soviet era is prominent in the giant statue of Lenin and the Soviet styled housing blocks of Bishkek, but as Central Asia’s largest mosque is completed and opens in 2017 you can feel the grip of communism slip away.


2) It has 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

A landlocked country, Kyrgyzstan is home to 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites; the Tien Shan mountain range; the network of trading routes making up the famous Silk Road; and Sulayman Mountain the most “sacred” mountain in Central Asia.


3) The scenery

Kyrgyzstan is a country less visited; the scenery is outstanding and as you trek through the rugged mountains you will wonder why you never thought of coming here before. Snow-capped mountains surround sweeping plains where herds of horses run wild and glacial rivers cut through the landscape, creating steep sided gorges where sheep and goats roam.


4) The food

Try Kyrgyzstan’s interesting cuisine, starting with the much loved fermented mare’s milk, Besk Barmak, lamb with noodles and broth; Samsy a tandoor cooked meat and onion filled pocket and found at the road side stalls for a quick snack; and dumplings known as Monty.


5) The challenge

The challenge itself will see you carrying all your own kit, including your tent, for the duration of your trek. You’ll be camping in gorges and trekking over mountain passes at an altitude of 3759m. Your average trek day will be about 6 hours before getting into camp where you’ll set up for the night, before gazing at the clear, star-studded skies.

Make sure you take a look at our Kyrgyzstan Trek challenge and maybe you could be ticking this exciting destination off your wishlist!

Work for us: Marketing Manager (Permanent/Full time)

Charity Challenge is recruiting a Marketing Manager to join the team in our London office. The role is a permanent full time position.

Who we are: Charity Challenge is a multi-award winning adventure travel operator and event management company best known for organising the celebrity based BT Red Nose Day Kilimanjaro climb.

We aim to deliver memorable, dynamic and safe challenge events in both popular and off the beaten track destinations, creating tailor-made events for charity and corporate clients whilst providing personalised, friendly and excellent customer service, advice and support. Our brand is based on values of professionalism, transparency, excellence, safety and passion in all that we do.

We are looking to recruit a passionate, creative and analytically minded Marketing Manager to join our highly driven, ambitious and dynamic team. For more details about the company please visit:

Who you are: You are digital marketing whizz with a flair for creativity and analytics. You should have a strong grasp of current marketing tools and strategies and be able to lead integrated digital marketing campaigns from concept and design through to execution and analytics.

You excel in researching target audiences and creating data driven marketing campaigns. In addition you are confident in website management, optimising SEO/SEM and usability. You have experience with managing brand reputation and engagement and have a creative flair with design and copy writing.

The Marketing Manager is responsible for the day to day marketing activities of the organisation and long term marketing strategy for Charity Challenge to meet the company’s objectives and targets.

• Help define the consumer marketing plan; establish the optimal marketing mix; website usability and optimisation; and report marketing results to senior management team

• Participate in the establishment, implementation and measurement of the effectiveness of initiatives to help drive bookings for international and national events, including paid advertising, in-bound marketing process, email and social media marketing

• Work both at the planning level by generating bold and innovative ideas for growth and at the tactical level by helping to manage advertising campaign execution, creating and optimising campaigns, analysing traffic data and solving problems

• Manage and create the full life-cycle of smart, compelling, targeted customer journeys related to marketing automation for both B2B and B2C campaigns. Work with the Sales Team to identify and generate leads for New Business Development

• Planning and designing web, SEO/SEM, email, social media and display advertising campaigns

• Maintaining our social media presence in association with our social media agency

• Measuring and reporting on the performance of all digital marketing campaigns and website analytics against previous performance, ROI and KPI’s

• Identify trends and insights and optimise spend and performance based on the insights

• Plan, design, execute and measure experiments and conversions tests

• Collaborate with internal teams to create landing pages and optimise user experience

• Utilise strong analytical ability to evaluate end-to-end customer experience across multiple channels and customer touch points

• Help identify and evaluate partnership opportunities, which could include co-marketing with reputable industry experts and retailers and engagement with adventure travel and responsible tourism communities

• Grow and manage our video content with our partner, GoFilm and maximise digital marketing opportunities

• Build brand awareness, engagement and personality through social media channels together with reputation management

• Be responsible for our brand guidelines and management

• Evaluate emerging technologies.

Core competencies
The successful candidate will be creative, highly analytical, resourceful, customer focused, team oriented, and will have an ability to work independently under time constraints to meet deadlines. You will have a proven track record for leading successful marketing programs across multiple touch points. A passion and understanding of developing website usability and brand engagement through social media channels, a love of adventure tourism, and a highly energetic flair of copywriting!

Basic Qualifications:
• 4+ years of relevant experience in marketing or marketing communications; of which at least 2 years in digital marketing
• Demonstrable experience leading and managing SEO/SEM, marketing database, email, social media and display advertising
• Proven track-record of delivering online (including mobile) traffic growth from multiple sources including multiple social media channels, mobile marketing, organic and paid search, email marketing, affiliate marketing, social networking, referrals and banner advertisements
• Highly creative experience in identifying target audiences and devising digital campaigns that engage, inform and motivate
• Experience in optimising landing pages and user funnels
• Solid knowledge of website analytics tools ie. Google Analytics
• Experience in setting up and optimising Google Adwords campaigns
• Strong analytical skills and data-driven thinking
• Strong analytical and quantitative skills; strong bias towards data-based decision making and comfort with financial and operational analysis. Comfortable rolling up sleeves to perform quantitative analysis.
• Proven ability synthesizing full funnel analytics, testing (such as A/B and multivariate) and customer insights into successful marketing strategies
• A strong understanding of website development, optimisation, usability and analytics
• Budget planning and management
• Facility with Excel required for reporting purposes
• Database management experience including audience profiling
• Use of CRM systems and email marketing software
• Up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in online marketing and measurement

Preferred Attributes:
• Passion for adventure travel, understanding of responsible tourism and the third sector
• Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing
• Self-motivated and highly results-driven in fast-paced environment
• Excellent attention to detail, communication, presentation and interpersonal skills
• Strong sense of brand and editorial voice; the ability to harmonize message across multiple channels and marketing vehicles
• Use of design platforms such as InDesign and Photoshop.

What you can expect from us:
• We are a small business with a friendly office, full of people with passion for what they are doing. It is a lively and busy environment. We can promise that you will be challenged in your role! This is a chance to do something special, and work not only in the travel sector but also do something to help worthwhile causes
• The potential to travel and experience a challenge
• Monday to Friday, 09.00 – 17.30 hours
• 24 Days holiday per year (plus bank holidays).

Competitive salary dependent on experience.

Applications close Thursday 25th May. Please send your CV, along with a covering letter detailing why you are suitable for the role, to

Meet Ash Dykes

We’re thrilled to be working with adventurer Ash Dykes on an exclusive challenge in Madagascar this September. Ash was the first person to traverse the length of Madagascar, covering 1,600 miles in 155 days. Now he’s heading back, but this time with Charity Challenge, giving you the opportunity to join him on this incredible adventure challenge.

Ash Dykes

What inspired you to first visit Madagascar?
At first, it was the fact that I hardly knew a thing about the island, I was curious. I then started to do my research and I was hooked by not only the beauty and diversity, but equally by the fact that over 80% of all wildlife and plant life is found nowhere else in the world. I knew that this would provide such a unique and exciting experience.

What was the toughest part of your journey through Madagascar?
Hmm there were many tough sections, but maybe in the Northern section where I faced at times impenetrable jungle, as I used my machete to try hack my way through. I’d cover only 1.5 miles in a 12 hour day at times!

You’ll be returning this September with Charity Challenge, what are you most looking forward to?
I’m excited to be leading an expedition in one of the most beautiful valleys in Madagascar, to showing people the big landscape and different species of Andringitra National Park, some species that are found nowhere else in Madagascar. Pic Boby is beautiful and I truly look forward to returning.

What kind of training would you recommend for people preparing to join this challenge?
I’d recommend they work on their cardio, do a few treks with a backpack to help your muscles adapt to the endurance. I do a lot of calisthenics, where I use my own body weight to train, from push-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups, it’s not for everyone, but you become more in control of your own body and feel not only physically stronger, but mentally stronger too, which is equally important.

Madagascar has a unique and diverse ecosystem, what can participants expect to encounter on the challenge?
They could expect to see wild lemurs, chameleons, different species of birds, bats, snakes and spiders (not venomous). Andringitra is known for its biodiversity, including 78 species of amphibians, 50 species of reptiles, 54 species of mammals, 108 species of birds, and more than 1,000 species of plants.

What kind of weather can people expect in Madagascar?
Overall, September is a great time to travel to Madagascar. The wildlife is rich and active, it’s warm and sunny – perfect temperature for walking, most probably with a cool breeze the higher up we climb. Night time can be cool and towards the peak, it will be quite possibly fleece and woolly hat weather.

Any key items you’d recommend people bring with them?
I’d recommend a (Water-to-go) filter bottle, which can be used on the go but also even used to collect tap water during travel days. Comfortable footwear, I personally just wear trainers, as they’re lightweight, breathable and quick drying. Sunscreen, mosquito repellent, blister plasters, a hat and shades.

Lastly, what’s your message to anyone thinking about joining this challenge?
This trek will be unforgettable and I mean that from the heart, you’ll love the country, the people, the wildlife and it’s beauty. It’s a country that features in many peoples mind, but very few actually go there. Be the few people that are fortunate enough to say “I’ve been to Madagascar”!

Photo 2

Secure your place on the Madagascar Trek with Ash Dykes this September.