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Changes to liquids in hand baggage (UK/EU)

January 27, 2014

Due to the development of Liquid Explosive Detection Systems (LEDs), the European Commission has revised the requirements for the screening of liquids, aerosols & gels.

The restrictions to liquids, aerosols & gels carried in hand baggage continue, i.e. containers will still need to include less than 100ml and be contained within the one litre plastic bag.

The new rules broadly sees changes to the treatment of additional liquids not carried in the one litre bag. Starting 31 January 2014, the following liquids presented for screening at UK & EU airports, must be subjected to LEDs if carried outside of the one litre plastic bag:

• Duty free items in ICAO standard Security Tamper Evident Bags

• Medicine

• Baby food/other dietary requirements

This applies to both transferring and direct customers.

Key benefits:

Customers can now take Duty Free liquids purchased from any airport (including non-EU airports) or onboard through UK security screening points, even if taken landside, provided items are in a Security Tamper Evident Bag, with the receipt sealed inside the bag at the time of purchase.

If transferring customers buy any Duty Free liquids onboard, cabin crew will ensure that items are sealed in a Security Tamper Evident Bag. Security Search points will reseal these items in a new Security Tamper Evident Bag, where necessary.

Please note:

• All liquids, aerosols & gels must be presented separately from other hand baggage items at security screening points.

• The tasting/testing of liquids, aerosols & gels on the skin will no longer be recognised as a method of screening. Liquid medicines carried outside of the one litre bag still require a doctor’s note or prescription.

• The use of LEDs, especially alarm resolution, may require the breaking of cellophane wrapping and de-packing of the item. Some airports may use equipment that requires the bottle to be opened, however London Heathrow will not test in this manner.

• Within the UK, liquids in the one litre bag may also be subjected to LEDS.

• For airports outside of the EU and UK, existing policies continue.

Source: British Airways

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