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January 14, 2016

Challenging yourself to do something tough and out of the ordinary can change your life in many different ways.

Nothing is more true for Penny Knight, one of Charity Challenge’s long-standing expedition leaders. Giving up her settled and comfortable life in Devon, Penny decided to pursue her dream job in the adventure travel industry. From China to Iceland and the Sahara and beyond, Penny has now led numerous challenges with us over the years, across a variety of terrains and in many remote locations, and has now written an e-book to document her story.

‘A Knight Fulfilled’ tells Penny’s story of her time as an expedition leader with Charity Challenge, and her book shares many anecdotes from Penny’s unique perspective. To learn more about Penny’s life as a tour leader, download ‘A Knight Fulfilled’ for £2.49 and immerse yourself in a world of adventure!

Penny Knight's e-book, 'A Knight Fulfilled'

Penny Knight’s e-book, ‘A Knight Fulfilled’

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