January 1, 2024
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It’s a familiar tale – after the excitement and indulgence of Christmas, the cold, dark nights of January can seem a little daunting. Far removed from the sparkle of December’s parties, pubs and Christmas lights, January bares low motivation, low mood and no energy.

Setting new years’ resolutions can tackle this moody month, and transform it into a positive, fresh start. Keeping driven, focused and passionate about a resolution propels us into the Spring and Summer, equipped for a great year. 51% of the British public successfully implement their resolutions into long-term habits, so it’s clear the psychology works! *

Statistics have uncovered 2024’s most popular resolutions: to exercise more, to lose weight, and adopt a healthier diet. The desire to feel good, do better and physically test ourselves is as timeless and prominent as ever. *

Stepping on to a Charity Challenge can push you physically, of course – with a training schedule keeping you exploring and outdoors, a diet full of protein and carbs to keep you powerful and the inevitable ‘shaping-up’ that accompanies that.

However, the strength of alleviating mental pressures is often overlooked. Taking the time to feel proud of your achievements, knowing that you’re working towards a goal that will benefit a charity, and spending plenty of time outdoors is infinitely rewarding to your mental health. Nothing says: “January blues, who?!” like a month of powerful positivity.

So, how about a new years’ resolution to take on a Charity Challenge?

Conquer the January blues with a goal and a plan:

  • Choose a challenge activity type (trek, bike etc) that works for you and your lifestyle. If your exercise is expensive, time consuming or boring, it’s likely you won’t be able to commit to it in the long term.
  • Small adjustments to your daily routine are a great way to get started in your fitness journey: taking a walk on your lunch break, stretching before work, or parking far away from the supermarket doors!
  • Implement time outdoors. Fresh air and vitamin D are vital in boosting your mood and helping maintain focus throughout the day.
  • Small targets and milestones can make even the mundane feel like something worth celebrating – make sure your training journey is as fun as can be!
  • Choose a charity that is special to you. Keep the charity as your focus throughout this journey, and let the inspiration propel you forward on your harder days. Your efforts can make a real difference, whether large or small, and doing so will leave you with a strong sense of achievement and fulfilment.

Here’s to making a difference in 2024!



Sign up to a Charity Challenge in January and you can receive up to 50% off the registration fee on selected 2024 & 2025 challenges. You can receive great savings of up to £200 OFF registration fees!

Offer available until midnight Wednesday 31st January 2024. Use the code NY2024 when booking. T&C’s apply.

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