March 5, 2024

At Charity Challenge we are extremely proud of the amazing crew we have. We know it can be a little daunting joining a challenge for the first time so we thought you might like to meet the team in advance of your Charity Challenge. Today we introduce you to Challenge Leader – Steph Miller

Steph Miller


Steph Miller

How long have you been a Challenge Leader with Charity Challenge?

Three years

What’s been your favourite challenge (so far)?

Oh dear… that’s a tough one because I’ve been honoured to be a part of some incredible international adventures and likewise some incredible UK expeditions. I think my favourite challenge, rather than a place, are those where team work and comradery are at their highest. To be a part of a team, supporting each other is humbling and good for the soul. I’d say its the experience over the expedition.

Steph Miller, Challenge Leader

Do you have any challenges left on your bucket list?

Yes… I’ll narrow it down to all of them

How do you keep your body in tip top shape for the challenge season?

I work hard throughout the year to maintain good physical fitness and mental strength for challenge season. The more I take care of myself throughout the year, the more I feel prepared and the more I enjoy the challenges.

What are your go to snacks to keep you fuelled and hydrated on a challenge?

Nuts! I’m nuts about nuts! I love granola bars / flapjacks and I keep myself topped up with those all important electrolytes so I can stay hydrated #hydrohomie 

Steph Miller, Challenge Leader

Any top tips to share with participants signed up to a challenge?

I do the same for myself as I would advise others to do – to work on good physical fitness and take care of your mind leading up to challenges. Ultimately though I believe people know what they need. Whether they take care of those needs is subjective but ultimately that would be my advice – you know what you need for the challenge, how can you make sure you get it?

What 5 items do you always pack in your day rucksack?

Waterproofs! Yes it looks sunny but this is England! Compeed because blisters can happen to the best of us. Plenty of water, oodles of snacks and a variety of layers because again…. this is England!

What is the best thing about being a leader?

Being part of a team. At Charity Challenge us leaders have a family vibe going on and it’s so incredibly fun and supportive. Its in absolute trust and respect and there’s nothing we can’t achieve together

Steph Miller, Challenge Leader

What is your proudest achievement to date?

Being able to help outdoor companies develop mental health awareness as a part of outdoor challenges and working with participants to develop mental resiliency to push past those blocks and watch them achieve things their minds wouldn’t allow them to imagine. It’s incredibly humbling and its so special every single time. 

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