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New! Angkor Wat to Bangkok Cycle!


 Sit down in your saddles ladies and gentleman as this month we are launching our brand spanking new Angkor Wat to Bangkok Cycle just in time for the Khmer New Year! To celebrate we are offering £100 off the deposit on this challenge for the departure date 04/12/2015! Simply quote ANGKOR100 at the time of booking.

So what are you waiting for?!

If you’ve ever dreamed of peddling past brightly robed monks, through vivid green jungles to follow the coastline of Thailand then this incredible new cycle Challenge could be for you! We take you 400kms in the saddle from the lotus towers of Angkor Wat deep into the heart of Cambodia, before crossing the border into mystical Thailand. This cycle incorporates the architectural phenomenonal grandeur of the ancient City of Angkor, with the beauty of the Cambodian countryside. You will need your wits about you as you dodge potholes and cows, tackle river crossings and take one hand off the handlebars to greet the locals as we wave goodbye to Cambodia and hello to Thailand, the Land of Smiles. Here we follow the stunning coastline all the way to the finish line, with a chance to revel in the crystal blue waters before our final push to bustling Bangkok…


Angkor Wat? Built between 879-1191 AD this UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most astonishing examples of architecture worldwide and the starting point of your Challenge, our bikes offer the perfect method of transport to navigate this vast ancient city. Prepare to be blown away at the intricate detailing on every slab of the main Angkor Wat temple, the labyrinth of work is a tribute to the Khmer people that constructed these breathtaking structures. If you only explore 2 temples, one must be the Temple of Bayon with its many faces it offers a small window into 12th Century Khmer society beautifully captured in stone, including an extensive insight into everyday life. In contrast the temple of Ta Prohm offers a breathtaking contrast as it has been devoured by trees, the roots pushing their way through the stones.



Thailand’s eclectic capital is a buzzing hub of tradition, traffic and tremendous excitement as it is here we conclude our magnificent cycle. The multitude of people, sights, smells and challenge of navigating through the various forms of transport will be a shock after the peaceful kilometers of the Chantaburi coastline. Once we have reached our final destination we have chance to explore and relax in the beautiful Botanical Gardens before exploring all that Bangkok’s nightlife has to offer. It is hard not to get caught up in the magic of the capital which is why we celebrate here on the final night of our challenge.

Koh Samed/ Hua Hin Beach Extension 


Renowned worldwide for its white sandy beaches and crystal blue waters, Thailand’s coastline is postcard worthy throughout. After cycling a phenomenal 400kms across South East Asia it’s fair to say your legs may be pretty stiff, what better way to unwind than reward yourself with a Thai massage on the sand, watching the sunset over the Gulf of Thailand….











Renowned worldwide for its white sandy beaches and crystal blue waters, Thailand’s coastline is postcard worthy throughout. After cycling a phenomenal 400kms across South East Asia it’s fair to say your legs may be pretty stiff, what better way to unwind than reward yourself with a Thai massage on the sand, watching the sunset over the Gulf of Thailand….

*For full Terms and Conditions see here!



Leaders wanted…could it be you?

Charity Challenge often needs to recruit enthusiastic, experienced leaders to lead and manage overseas expeditions; mountain climbs, treks, bike rides and house-building community based challenges.  Expeditions are run all over the world in aid of UK & Irish registered charities.  The challenges are of varying degrees of difficulty that enable people from all walks of life and abilities to make a difference to someone’s life by pushing their personal boundaries.

In your role as a challenge leader you will have a set itinerary to manage and will be working with a local ground handler and support team to run this in a safe and efficient manner.  You will be the main point of contact for the clients and will need to liaise with the ground handler over any client problems, changes to the itinerary and generally efficiency of the expedition.

You will be given a handbook detailing all that the role entails on completion of a successful interview.

what we are looking for

  • We are of course looking for someone with the relevant group expedition leading experience (preferably overseas) with a larger adventure tour operator and/or within the charity sector.
  • Personal travel experience to the developing world is a requirement and high altitude trekking experience is desirable.
  • You will also possess relevant wilderness and remote rescue and emergency care qualifications (or be prepared to acquire them) – the minimum requirement is REC Level 2 but higher levels of rescue and emergency care training is advantageous. You may possibly also possess mountain leader qualifications
  • In addition, we are looking for someone who is highly organised and with a good level of attention to detail to manage these busy expeditions and ensure they run smoothly.
  • Specifically, you should be able to manage your time efficiently with a high level of care and attention all at the same time.
  • You should also have and the ability to take the initiative and be a confident and competent communicator with clients and overseas ground handlers.
  • You should have a good knowledge of overseas health and safety issues and be a diplomatic and effective problem solver who can keep calm in a crisis

For further information or to apply for this job please contact kathryn@charitychallenge.com and enclose your CV.

Charity Challenge of the Week: The Rajasthan Tiger Challenge

Denise Van Outen and Lydia Bright last Thursday completed their epic cycle challenge, cycling 430kms through Rajasthan, Land of the Kings. Despite the limb numbing nature of the challenge, the Essex Girls had only good things to say/tweet about their Indian Escapade!

“Just finished our 485km cycling challenge around India Bst experience of my life Ill never forget…a dream” – Lydia

“I would also like to thank @charitychall for making this trip possible. You never let me down! Best experience of my life” – Denise

We’re glad they liked it! And we’re really pleased to see that, inspired by Denise and Lydia’s fantastic effort, more and more people are taking an interest in the challenge and are keen to follow in their glamorous Essex footsteps. So if you think an Indian cycling adventure might be for you, keep reading!

The first day of our Rajasthan Tiger Challenge begins in the hustling bustling capital of Delhi, where you have a chance to soak up the atmosphere and explore it’s labyrinth of streets and markets, crowded with exotic produce and a bewildering mix of people. Journeying on to Agra, the cultural exploration of India continues with a visit to the Taj Mahal, one of the most awe inspiring and extravagant monuments ever built. The serenity of the Taj Mahal is just the peaceful interlude needed before the real hard work begins!

Starting from Taj Mahal, the serene and classical Indian vision quickly becomes the wildest dream of a Mountain Biker, as the roads terrain turns from tarmac stretches, to country lanes to smaller more pothole ridden dirt tracks.

As days pass, the sheer variety of Rajasthan’s roads is matched only by the beautiful and imposing nature of its landscapes. Your eyes can’t help but stray from the road as you cycle through dramatic desert landscape, lively cities, tranquil country-side and old forts seemingly frozen in time.

On day 7 the roads and backdrop take a backseat to the spectacular array of Indian Wildlife that make their home in Ranthambore National Park. As your journey takes a meandering route through the park, keep your eyes peeled for sambas, cheetahs, wild boars, leopards, sloth bears, jackals, hyena and of course the eponymous and majestic Tigers, the namesake and symbol of this challenge!

On day 9, you’re forced dig real deep for the final 80km stretch from Bhanderej to Jaipur. For many these final few hours are turbulent, as emotionally and physically you’re spent, but glimpse of villages and locals waving to you in support spur you onwards on road to Jaipur. And what more jubilant place to celebrate the victorious end of the challenge than “the pink city”. Jaipur is  Rajasthan’s vibrant metropolitan capital, where colours, cultures and seemingly traffic combine as vegetable laden camel carts thread their way through the streets jam-packed with rickshaws, bicycles, tempos, motorcycles and traffic dodging pedestrians! If you’ve got the energy, there’s plenty to do in Jaipur, there’s lot of beautiful and historic sights to be seen or you can take a leaf out of Denise and Lydia book and hit the shops!

So if you’ve been inspired and want to take part in one of our Rajasthan Tiger Challenges, please click here to see all our available departure dates, and click on the date you’re interested in to see the itinerary, costs, kit lists, and much more!

This month, in honour of Lydia and Denise epic challenge, we’ve also got a £50 discount on our Fri 15 February 2013 challenge, check it out here!

You can also click here to see a Lydia and Denise Essex eye view of the challenge, and watch this amazing video that was filmed on location in Rajasthan last year.

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