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Don’t get dizzy, it’s okay to peak above the clouds…

Altitude sickness can sadly effect anyone, however with proper acclimatisation and a good level of fitness, your mountain should soon become a mole hill…

alt 1 At Charity Challenge some of our most spectacular challenges reach dizzying heights, seeing you summit at considerable altitude. Below we have broken down 3 of the most popular treks in a handy table to help give you an overview of what to expect as you climb up the mountain and through the clouds… table alt 2


Kilimanjaro – the world’s highest freestanding volcano has frequented the bucket lists of many explorers, this incredible challenge sees us sleeping under a star studded Tanzanian sky before the climax, a night time summit route to its highest point, Uhuru Peak, 5,895m overlooking a field of clouds. Up here it’s easy to see how it gained its nickname, the ‘Roof of Africa’. alt 3  table---avenue alt 4

Avenue of the Volcanoes – Sneaking in at just a couple of meters higher than Kilimanjaro, Cotopaxi is the largest of the 4 volcanoes that we tackle on this magnificent trek through magical Equador. More technical than Kilimanjaro, our climb will involve us whipping out our ice axes, crampons and includes sections where we are roped to our guides in order to conquer the glacier, the final hurdle before the 5,897m summit!

alt 5



alt 6

Everest Base Camp – Last but certainly not least, Mt. Everest the world’s highest and possibly most revered mountain stands at a formidable 8,848m! Whilst our trek isn’t taking us quite that high, as night falls we will feel like we can reach the stars and during the day we will be accompanied by passing clouds. We will reach a considerable altitude of 5,545m as we reach our summit, Everest Base Camp,! Here we are aptly rewarded for all our efforts by sensational views of the surrounding Himalaya. So, wherever your challenge is taking you and however high, we hope the above charts may have helped answer a few queries. As always though, please feel free to give us a call on 0208 346 0500 if you have any questions!

alt 7

Snowshoeing in the Pyrenees with Charity Challenge

An exciting prospect for 2013! Charity Challenge will be working with partner and team leader Kevin Albin in creating the ‘Pyrenees Snow Shoe Challenge’. A brand new and daring snowshoeing expedition!

Kevin has put a lot of work into this challenge, and is really looking forward to seeing how people take to snow-shoeing and the panoramic Pyrenees!

‘We chose this location because the Pyrenees tends to be less commercial, with stunningly beautiful scenery and amazing wildlife, which can often be seen as there are less people here than places such as the Alps. Where we operate, the area around Bagnees de Luchon, is ideal as it has good snowshoeing terrority and easy access into Spain

The expedition will be a three-day route in the high mountains of the Aiguestortes National Park, with accomodation in mountain huts. There will be a day of preparation before we leave where we shall learn about snowshoeing, the winter environment and avalanche assessments (which include training in the use of avalanche transceivers).

The area is remote and we shall be supporting each other while walking over frozen lakes and crossing high mountain cols. The area is also exceptional. There are few words that will describe the experience of being in these mountains with your companions, your snowshoes and your life in the rucksack on your back. That is until we make the mountain hut where we can count on some fine, filling meals and a warm bunk to sleep in. Then it’s out again the next day to experience the very best that Nature has to offer.

This trip is not for the faint hearted but equally if you are a reasonable summer walker with the keenness to push yourself a little with the duration of the day and some basic living conditions, then the rewards will be exceptional! And it’s not all hard work, you’ll be staying in a luxury Chambres d’hote for the first and last night, Le Chalet Chapeau Bleu, with fine cuisine and comfy beds. This is also the location for the amazing celebration meal at the end of the challenge!

The motivation for putting yourself through such a challenge? Raising money for causes you feel passionate about!”

To learn more about the ‘Pyrenees Snow Shoe Challenge’ and maybe even book your place, click here! To keep up to date on all our challenge news, subscribe to this blog by clicking on the orange RSS button, you can also enter your email address into the adjacent box to subscribe to our mailing list.