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Win a Mini IPad, Kindle HD Fire, Samsung Camera and lots more!

Happy New Year!

To celebrate 15 years of organising Charity Challenges, we are doing a fantastic January Gadget Give-Away!

From Monday (06 Jan) to the end of the month, we will be giving away amazing gadgets EVERY DAY to someone booking on to an overseas challenge!

It’s simple to enter, just make a booking and we will enter you into our prize draw for that day! Prizes on offer include:

Jacqueline Peckham  – Samsung Camcorder
Amanda Sturges – Google Nexus
Mark Gardner – Kindle HD Fire
Anthony Wild – Samsung Camcorder
Jacqueline Jackson – Kindle HD Fire
Nicole Ramsay – Google Nexus
Fiona Rogers – Samsung Camera
Christine Saladas – I Pod Nano
Katie Hazelwood – Samsung Camera
Andrew Kouroushi – Samsung Camera
Samantha Webber-Cadby – I Pod Nano
James Fry – Kindle HD Fire
Martain Miller – Samsung Camcorder
Ahmed Khan – Google Nexus
Gerard McManus – Kindle HD Fire
Nicole Valentine – Mini I Pad
Hilary Lamb – Samsung Camera
Panjaruthnam Govender – Samsung Camcorder
Valerie Smith – Samsung Camera
Colin Cork – I Pod Nano
Janet Brown – i Pod Nano
Angela Rowlands – Google Nexus
Emma-Jane Adam – Samsung Camcorder
Simon Donaldson – I Pod Nano
Aoibhne O’Neill – Kindle HD Fire
Victoria Kennell – Mini I Pad

Congratulations to all of you!

Attend one of our free information evenings in January and find out what a Charity Challenge is all about!

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