The Charity Challenge Epic Cross-Train-A-Thon Challenge! We made it!

March 28, 2012

We’re pleased to announce that the final numbers are in from our epic office challenge!! We pushed ourselves to cross-train, between us, the equivalent of the 60 nautical miles to the North Pole, which in actual fact translates to a whopping 111.12km. The cross-trainer was going from 9 – 5.30 yesterday, and despite a minor setback caused by a totally unexpected fire alarm drill, we still managed to cross the finish line at around 17.10pm and hit a final distance of 113.2km!!

A big mention to our soon-to-depart Operations Manager, Emma, who did the most work on the day with 65 minutes on the machine, and 15.1km travelled. Great performances by the rest of the team as well, giving us an average of 13.31 km travelling time an hour. But more importantly than our humble efforts, is the astounding £820 raised by our friends, colleagues, families and well wishes,  all of which is being donated to Sport Relief. These donations will touch the lives of so many, and we are so proud and humbled by the generosity of those we know… so THANK YOU!!! Also, if you were moved by our efforts, ITS NOT TOO LATE to donate, please visit our justgiving page at, every little makes a massive difference!

But don’t let our small attempt let you underestimate the severity and challenging nature of our North Pole Challenge. While we were sweltering under a surprisingly hot sunny day, our North Pole explorers are camping out in -30° temperatures, under pressure from the harsh winds and pulling tons of equipment and food along behind them, all strapped around their waists. While we were working to a timetable and distance target, the moving ice packs in the North Pole can mean that our challengers can wake in the morning and find themselves with a few hours walking just to get to where they were before. This is not for the faint-hearted! If you fancy having a go at the real deal North Pole Challenge, Click here to find out more!

So, we are pleased to have made it… and I think we were all glad to get home to a hot bath last night. We would like to thank again Fitness Hire for their donation of our sporting equipment. It has proved an amazing way to not only get into shape but raise hundreds of pounds for a good cause. Here’s to many more office challenges in the future!

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