Icelandic Lava Trek by Tweets

September 8, 2016

Last month, more than fifty ‘Fabulous Challengers’ headed to Iceland to take part in the Iceland Lava Trek for CoppaFeel! Kate Lewers was one of the participants on this amazing challenge, and she has tweeted her journey.

The traditional group photo before the flight

That’s some sky, and the weather is looking good!

A first glimpse of the incredible Icelandic landscape, which is diverse throughout the trek

Maybe we should get all participants to wear these… it’d make you easier to spot!

A sparkly trekker is a happy trekker!

There are a few river crossings along the trek

We have to agree!

A sense of humour is definitely key on a charity challenge!

Looks a lot easier than a river crossing!

Nearly there!

Well done Kate! And everyone else who took part on the CoppaFeel! Iceland Lava Trek 2016.

A well deserved dip we think!

Feeling inspired? You could tackle the Iceland Lava Trek yourself! Click here to take a look at our website for more details.

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