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4th July Independence Day – Happy Birthday USA!

4th July is the day in which American’s celebrate the birth of their nation back in 1776 as George Washington and co declared independence having defeated the British. 239 years later and the United States has most certainly made a name for themselves. To celebrate this historic and festive day, we have decided to look at two very different yet brilliant and extraordinary aspects of the United States of America.

The first aspect is that of the American metropolis. Across the United States there genuinely is every type of city one could imagine. Most famed is New York City, which is so emblematic in all that its offers, ranging from Broadway musicals to being the financial capital of the world; the Big Apple truly does amaze. But then on the other side of the country there is Las Vegas, or as it often referred to as simply Vegas, an indisputably unique city. There truly is no place in the world like Vegas, and though it is located in the middle of the Nevada desert, it is the brightest city on earth and one that never sleeps, being the place to go let loose with endless entertainment options and nonstop fun. The city allows you to truly immerse yourself in all that it has; an escape from your 9-5 and reality. As everyone knows, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Las Vegas


In stark contrast there is the natural beauty that one can find all over the country. Whether you be trekking in the Rockies or travelling through the everglades, there are endless natural attractions. However, the standout site is that of the Grand Canyon. In what is one of the worlds most powerful and inspiring landscapes, the Grand Canyon has the ability to overwhelm one’s senses with its immense size. Standing on the edge of this vast creation is unquestionably one of the greatest encounters you could have with nature, even being listed as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. The unique combinations of geologic colour and erosional forms decorate the canyon that is over a mile deep and eighteen miles wide. Billions of years of the Earth’s history is exposed on the canyon’s towering walls above the Colorado River in what can be described as complete and absolute beauty.

Grand Canyon



Happy birthday America from everyone at Charity Challenge! 




Charity Challenge is turning 16 and offering a 16% discount off the deposit! Somebody get a cake!

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This month Charity Challenge turns 16 and to celebrate this wonderful coming of age, we are offering 16% off ALL CHALLENGE DEPOSITS* from 10/06/2015- 10/07/2016, all you have to do is type the promotional code: BIRTHDAY16 when making a booking!

If you’ve already done a challenge with us before, then take advantage of our repeat booking discount which has doubled to £100 (£50 for short haul challenges)! Don’t forget to quote VACU at the time of booking.

Our wonderful suppliers have joined us in celebrating by offering additional discounts to all of you that are currently booked on a challenge. Log into your members area and take advantage of this!

The real challenge is deciding where you you want to be in 2016….so to help you decide we’ve put together some of our Charity Challenge favourites…


Charity Challenge,

Pedal off from the architectural phenomenon that is Angkor Wat, through the waterways and rice paddies of Cambodia, past the postcard perfect beaches of Thailand and into the barmy backstreets of Bangkok. This truly is the best way to discover South East Asia, can you take on the 450kms that will take you through the heart of South East Asia? Find out more…


Cycle or Trek Beautiful Burma

Burma charity Trek, Charity Cycle to Burma

Mystical Myanmar has managed to remain largely untouched in comparison to its neighbours, perfectly preserving its magic, beauty, culture and secrets. Previously known as The Land of Gems, the views in Myanmar are truly humbling, it is the people however that are its best kept secret – warm, inviting and gentle, we promise you won’t find anywhere else like it on earth. Trekking or cycling through Myanmar offers you the opportunity to explore the lazy villages, meet the lovable locals and soak up all the spectacular views. Whilst this might all sound like a holiday, the terrain and the humidity ensure that exploring Myanmar is an incredibly worthwhile but challenging task. Take a look!

Trek Machu Picchu

Charity Trek to Machu Picchu, Charity Challenge, trekking, PeruThe ancient Inca ruins of Machu Picchu sit amongst the clouds, set an altitude of 2,667m to see them is to witness something truly magical. To get there however is no walk in the park but an incredible trek through the rarely visited Lares Valley, a region untouched by time. The scenery here is breathtaking throughout and you will be greeted by llamas, alpaca’s and the Quechua people in their brightly coloured ponchos.  The route is hard and you will spend your nights camping, under the Peruvian sky, the sight of Machu Picchu as you re-join the Inca trail and complete the 3000 steps to walk through the Sun Gate will however make any aches disappear. Click here to find out how you can climb through the clouds….

Charity Challenge, Sapa Hill Tribe Trek, Vietnam Trek, Trek

Vietnam Trek – Sapa Hill Tribe

The hill tribes of Sapa combine the iridescent greens of the rice paddies with the vibrantly coloured dress of the remote hill tribes. Trekking here takes you away from the wonderful madness of the eclectic city of Hanoi as we head off the beaten track into this tranquil but rugged region where rolling hills meet the Red River. We will meet remote hill tribes as we trek further into the region, the varied terrain seeing you tackle Mount Silverstone before taking on the jungle terrain as we follow the footsteps of local farmers and camp in this remote and beautiful region. Explore more…

Lombok Charity Trek, Trekking in Indonesia, indonesia, Trek, Mountain

Brank New: Lombok Trek

Lombok Lava Trek! Set in the ‘Ring of fire’ this exhilarating trek offers towering peaks reflecting in ethereal lakes. Taking on Mount Rijani volcano, one of Indonesia’s tallest peaks standing at 3,726m is worth every metre you climb as you stand triumphant at the top overlooking breath-taking views from the natural colours of the forest to the surrounding turquoise bays. This challenge is not for the feint hearted and involves very long days and high altitude. If you think you could take on this sensational landscape then click here to find out how…

A massive thank you from all of us here at Charity Challenge!

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Here’s to another 16 years!

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