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Morocco’s Timitar Festival, a favourite of Charity Challenge Team Leader Trevor Gibbs

June 28, 2012

For more than 4,000 years, the Berbers ruled across the vast landscapes of North Africa. Long before the arrival of the Arabs in the 7th century, their culture held sway across great swathes of the continent, stretching from the Atlantic coast to the banks of the Niger River. For centuries these ‘Lords of the Atlas’ spread their culture and customs across lands that extended from beyond the deserts of Western Egypt, to the shores of the Mediterranean. Between the 11th and 13th centuries, the great Berber dynasties of the Almoravids and the Almohads even extended their power and control into large parts of Spain as well.

With the waning of Berber power and prestige however, these tribal customs fell into decline and Berber culture took a backwards step. Amongst the Arab elite this once proud race came to be considered inferior and their traditions, language and customs retreated into the safety of the imposing peaks of the High Atlas. In recent years though, this rich mix of cultural heritage has enjoyed an astonishing and colourful resurgence, due in no small part to the annual Timitar Festival.

Held in June or July each year, the festival has grown to become one of Africa’s premier music festivals, attracting performers and audiences from across the world to the bustling coastal resort of Agadir. Staged in three open-air venues, the festival is a dazzling fusion of traditional Berber music, modern jazz, hip hop and world renowned performers. Featuring over 40 different artists and attracting close to half a million spectators, the four day festival has become a showcase for Amazigh (Berber) culture in the heart of their traditional homeland.

Considered one of the largest music festivals in the country, this year is the festival’s ninth incarnation and it is expected to provide its audiences with more than 40 free concerts, performed by upwards of 400 artists from as far afield as Iraq, Colombia, Korea and the United States. What defines Timitar from other similar festivals though is its focus on Amazigh culture. Since its inception, it has strived to provide a stage for an event that has its roots firmly entrenched in Souss Massa Drâa tradition, whilst its outlook is most definitely looking towards the future. Add to that an opportunity to escape the oppressive summer heat of the Moroccan interior and a chance to enjoy some of the finest seafood on the Atlantic seaboard, and you have an event that provides a feast for body and soul.

This year’s Timitar Festival takes place from the 27th-30th June.

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