UNESCO World Heritage Sites

January 21, 2021
Charity Challenge - Great Wall Discovery

Are you considering what should go next on your bucket list? At Charity Challenge we love nothing more than taking on challenges in locations that allow our challengers to explore inspirational cultural and natural sites around the world, such as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

What is a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

World Heritage Sites are designated by (UNESCO) United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization for having cultural, historical, scientific or natural importance. The sites contain “cultural and natural heritage around the world” that are considered to be of “outstanding universal value to humanity and as such, have been inscribed on the World Heritage List to be protected for future generations to appreciate and enjoy”

As of January 2021, there are currently 1,121 UNESCO World Heritage Sites around the world. At Charity Challenge we are very lucky to run challenges that visit over 50 of these amazing sites. Unfortunately this blog is not long enough for us to cover all of these so we have pulled together some of our favourites!

How many UNESCO World Heritage Sites have you been to?

Want to tick some more UNESCO World Heritage Sites off your list? Choose your next challenge today!

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