Have you ever dreamt of chasing the sun?

January 12, 2015

Have you ever dreamt of chasing the sun…?chase the sun 3One day, 3 exhilarating challenges, and an 803m tall ‘Old Man’ can only culminate in one thing – an overwhelming sense of achievement.

Just one question… are you ready?

chase the syun 2

Because doing one activity is SO 2014, we’ve created a trio of tantalizing ways to test yourself in one of the UK’s most grueling locations – by bike, kayak and on foot! Home to a breathtaking mix of mountains, valleys, lakes and rivers, the Lake District National Park provides the perfect playground to push ourselves to the limit both mentally and physically as we peddle, paddle and push ourselves before finishing at the top of Old Man Peak (803m!) Beginning in Conniston, our challenge sees us tackle a whopping total of 25 miles cycling through Grizedale Forest, 3 miles paddling around Lake Conniston before 9 miles of trekking! The challenge is relentless and we will need to encourage each other to reach the finish line. Once we get there, we will be rewarded by the uninterrupted views over the lakes as we soak up the massive sense of achievement and the last warmth of the day. As we climb back down, our walk will be decorated with the amber hues of the sun as it sinks behind the surrounding peaks, creating a beautiful ending to a very challenging day.

If you want to chase the sun, why not join the NSPCC on 30/05/2015 by clicking the link below:

Chase the sun…

chase the sun 1

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