MEET THE TEAM – John Allen

May 18, 2023

At Charity Challenge we are extremely proud of the amazing crew we have. We know it can be a little daunting joining a challenge for the first time so we thought you might like to meet the team in advance of your Charity Challenge. Today we introduce you to Challenge Leader – John Allen


John Allen

How long have you been a Challenge Leader?

2023 will be my 7th year working for Charity Challenge.

What’s been your favourite challenge (so far)?

It would probably have to be Everest Base Camp. There is something about the Himalayas that has to be personally experienced rather than seen through a screen.

Do you have any challenges left on your bucket list?

To complete a challenge as a participant, rather than the leader!

How do you keep your body in tip top shape for the challenge season?

In the winter season I install bathrooms. Climbing thousands of stairs with heavy loads keeps me surprisingly fit!

What are your go to snacks to keep you fuelled and hydrated on a challenge?

I quite like dried mango. It’s a taste of sunshine, which is nice when the rain is lashing down!  Just plain water for me as it can be used for more than just drinking. Try washing your hands or cleaning a wound with a sports drink!

Any top tips to share with participants signed up to a challenge?

Spend some time before hand walking uphill, preferably with your packed rucksack on – if you have no hills near you, stairs in high rise buildings work just as well.

What 5 items do you always pack in your day rucksack?

A windproof top, a Buff, a large bag of Colin the Caterpillars’ (vegan), some sunscreen and a tick remover!

What is the best thing about being a leader?

Learning about the lives of the wonderfully varied people who sign up to complete a challenge and their reasons for doing so. The shared life experiences and stories of all those participants has enhanced my life immeasurably.

What is your proudest achievement to date?

Qualifying as a Mountain Leader at 46 years young. It was the first ‘exam’ I ever fully passed and has given me more opportunities and experiences than I could have ever dreamed were possible.

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