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Burmese New Year

April 13, 2016

Today Burmese people all around the world start their celebration of their New Year – Thingyan Water Festival. The festival is celebrated over a number of days by people being splashed with water through powerful water pipes, buckets, water guns and anything that you can throw and splash water from. Everyone is a target – except the elderly and the monkeys!

So what’s water got to do with the New Year? Well for the Burmese, water symbolises washing away last year’s bad luck and sins, meaning that the New Year beings pure and clean. Prayers are also observed in the temples, with the temples being washed too, as well as visiting friends, family and the elderly.

It’s a time to forget the past and focus on the future (with the learning of last year’s events of course!). Many make New Year’s Resolutions to better themselves, a bit like us in January (I hope you’ve stuck to yours?!).

So to celebrate Thingyan, we are giving you 16% off the deposit on all Burma challenges (Trek and Bike Ride). Simply quote THINGYAN16 at the time of booking, but hurry as the offer ends on the 18th April 2016, just when the New Years celebrations end too.

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