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Greg James’ blog – Day 3, an incredible day!

January 31, 2013

Good evening. Night time on Day 3 and we’re all sitting around re-telling the horror stories from yesterday. Today was much calmer – although we’re all aching and itching horribly.

We must have seen 30 hippos today – and we got really close to them.  About 20 metres away.  They are dangerous big chaps and the guides are incredibly cautious around them because they can get aggresive.

We all had a life-changing morning at a local village and a local school.  We met some absolutely beautiful people who REALLY benefit from the money you’re donating.  It changes their lives.

It will help them pay for school, provide children with pens, books and uniforms.  If these wonderful children get an education – they will have the opportunity to better themselves.  And who can deprive them of that?

Please don’t deprive them of that.  Your donations will really make a difference.


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