Meet the Team – Sarah Caroll

May 2, 2019

Sarah Caroll join the Charity Challenge team in early 2019. Her background working in charity fundraising and passion for travel and adventure make her the perfect person to look after Charity Challenge’s valued charity and corporate clients as an Account Manager. Read on to find out what makes Sarah tick.

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9 Adventure Activities to Try in the Lake District

April 3, 2019

In the adventure capital of the UK, the opportunities to challenge yourself are practically unlimited. Home to England’s highest mountain and deepest lake, the region has inspired writers, artists and poets for generations. Check out our nine favourite Lake District adventure activities.

Cumbria’s Carlisle airport re-opens this summer; making this iconic destination is easier than ever to visit. Be inspired by these nine ways to experience the adventures, thrills and treasures of the Lake District. The only problem is which to try first. Continue Reading…


Edward’s Kilimanjaro Challenge adventure

March 15, 2019

Fundraising legend and serial challenger, Edward Dijmarescu, shares the highlights from his adventures on the Kilimanjaro Challenge and what motivates him to keep on taking on new challenges.

Why did you choose to join the Kilimanjaro Challenge?

For many years I had my heart set on Kilimanjaro and I always wanted to summit a big mountain that doesn’t require technical skills. There was no better option than Mt Kilimanjaro. I was also very keen to visit Tanzania and stand on top of the highest free standing mountain in the world @ 5,895mASL – that’s pretty big. Once I planned in my head and I also found out that one of my trek mates from Everest Base Camp 2017 (Peter Lavvaf) was going for it, I was on a mission and I had a new purpose. The rest was just logistics and preparation. Of course the perfect partner in crime was once again Charity Challenge.

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March 12, 2019

Fundraising Travel Company Challenges Adventurers with a New Way to Conquer Africa’s Mightiest Mountain

Fundraising tour operator, Charity Challenge has launched a thrilling new way for adventurers to conquer Africa’s highest peak, crossing its remote Northern Icefields. The new Kilimanjaro North Face Climb itinerary from Charity Challenge takes adventurers up the virtually untouched north flank of the mountain, allowing them to reach the summit in daylight, something that the traditional Kili climbs have not been able to do. The route begins with a trek through a beautiful rainforest, before taking adventurers to the remote Northern Icefields and across the Reusch Crater, an area that no other Kilimanjaro itinerary touches.

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“Pole, pole.” That’s the way to climb Kilimanjaro

March 8, 2019

Kilimanjaro. At a height of 5895m, it presents a great challenge to all before her. I was fortunate enough to witness a spectacular sunrise over her summit one cold morning in March 2017, as the medic and crew member for a Charity Challenge team.

For those of you thinking about taking on the summit challenge, go for it! Preparation will be key before you go and once you get there, our team will support you to reach your goal.
Most people are worried about their level of fitness and how to prepare for the trek. Others are concerned about altitude and how they might cope if they haven’t been mountaineering before. I learned more about altitude medicine from the Tanzanian support team than I had ever understood before and will share some of that information with you in this blog. Continue Reading…


How to be a Pole Master…

February 20, 2019

Over the years walking poles have obtained a bit of an unfair reputation as ‘uncool and unnecessary’, something that ‘old’ people used. Today, however they have proven their worth and are used by young and old alike! By helping to take stress off joints and prevent injury whilst trekking these lightweight lovelies are an essential and helpful bit of kit.

Poles Blog 3

We’ve asked our friends at Outdoor Hire about the benefits and some helpful hints on the correct way to work your poles!


We often get asked whether it’s worth taking walking poles on a trekking trip; the key benefits to using poles whilst trekking are:

Support and stability on uneven ground, especially with a backpack which may cause in-balance. This reduces the risk of slips, trips, twists and falls.

Reduced effort as the burden of weight is spread, focusing less on the knee and hip joints and muscles. This is a considerable help when you’re tired and descending from a summit.

Reduced possibility of strain injury as the poles encourage good posture. Continue Reading…